About iBiomed

iBiomed is a Health Social Network & Organizer for any person/caregiver living with or managing a multi symptom health condition or with special needs. If you have more than one doctor, therapist, medication or medical diagnosis, you need iBiomed.

It is a mobile application which eases the burden on users and caregivers by arming them with easy, efficient, portable and reliable record keeping, which in turn simplifies management / sharing of health records and increases the user's quality of Health care and Education. It keeps all your providers and caregivers on the same page!

It was personally built by Florence Iwegbue & Kwame Iwegbue also a Physician at Roper Hospital. They are the parents of children with Autism, Asthma, Allergies & a seizure condition. They built it to support the multiple health providers, Medications, Diets, Allergies, Supplements, Therapies & Special Education Needs that their children have.

iBiomed is also available  for a free download on the iPad, iPod & iPhone.

Start using it now:

iBiomed iPhone App demo video

iBiomed Presentation